I have really long hair.  It probably reaches about to my shoulders.  I love my hair.  It often has knots in it, which stinks, but I still love it!  It took a long time to grow it this long.  Mom and Dad say that I have to keep it clean or they will get it cut off.  I don’t want my hair to get cut off, so I try to keep it clean.  But it is so HARD to keep it clean!  Np matter what I do, grease appears on it.  It ends up with a ton of knots whenever I go in the Jeep, which i love to do.  Of course the knots are not bad ones, but there are so many of them.  500 small knots is just as bad as 20 really bad ones.  Despite tha, I love my hair.  I do not want it shaved, or cut off.

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