I love the library.  They have so many books, and I love books.  They have comics.  I love Dilbert and Garfield comics in particular.  They also have novels.  I enjoy the Dune series by Frank Herbert.  I also enjoy the Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey.  Both of those are Sci-Fi books.  I love science fiction.  I went to the library the other day.  I got two books.  One was called House Harkonnen, by Frank Herbert.  The other was called The Starship Titanic, by Douglas Adams.  He is also a favorite author of mine.  He writes Sci-Fi Comedy.

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  1. Dean Says:

    We’re so happy to have found your blog! And even more happy that you love books so much. Douglas Adams has always been on of my favorites, too, and Anne McCaffrey is excellent. Although I have never read any of hers, a friend of mine used to read them all the time.

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