My brother’s room

Today I had to clean my brother’s room. This is annoying mainly because I have cleaned it for him while he played with a friend or his toys instead of helping twice already in the past two weeks. This time, I had to clean his room for him before I could get back on my computer. While I cleaned his room, he was playing with the toys-sometimes AFTER I already cleaned them up-or watching TV-again, while I cleaned HIS room-or swinging things around the room, almost hitting me multiple times.  At one point, I tapped him on the shoulderto get his attention-it was no harder hten you would push with a pen on paper- and he yelled so loud that dad came up and was mad at me.  I ended up getting in trouble.  Earlier, we went next door to play in our neighbor’s pool. He was swimming, but I could not find my swimsuit, so I sat and pet their dog. I wandered around a bit as well. While I was wandering, my neighbor and brother decided to splash me. My neighbor stopped when I asked him to, but my brother kept splashing, even after I said “Stop splashing me, I’m not in a swimsuit and I have headphones in my pocket” three times. He would have kept going, except for the fact that I went home. All this is made even more annoying by the fact that earlier I let him use my computer for three hours. I got up early so I could teach him how to use the program he wanted to use, then went to summer school. This is how he answered-by splahing me even after I said to stop, and refusing to help me clean HIS room, an messing it up even as I cleaned it. That was the last time he is going to use my computer for a while.

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