Star Wars

My grandfather asked my brother and I what we wanted.  My brother said he wanted the Death Star.  I wanted the entire Imperial Fleet.  My brother thinks that the Death Star could kill the Imperial Fleet.  I think the Imperial fleet, with all of the Star Destroyers and everything could kill the death star.  The Death Start would smash the Star Destroyers one by one.  While it killed them one by one, for each shot the Death start got off, the Star Destroyers would get off 500 shots.  In addition, the Star Destroyers haev so many troops on them that they could just board the Death Star and take it over.

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  1. Dean Says:

    I’d have to side with you for the mobility of the fleet. Eventually, there would have to be enough wear and tear on the Death Star to immobilize it. For the power of one punch, sure, the Death Star is the way to go, but in a big fight like that, there is definitely strength in numbers. It’s the same way ants can overtake a large animal. They simply overwhelm it.

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