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4th of July

Tuesday, July 4th, 2006

For me, the fourth of July is a time to make noise and launch fireworks.  It is also a time to be with family and friends.It is a time to sit at the church and watch the fireworks show they put on.  It is a great time to sit and think about history.  The fourth of July is a very fun time of year for me, especially with the fireworks.

Next Door Dog

Monday, July 3rd, 2006

Our next door neighbor’s dog bolted today.  Apparently, they were inside, and she was on the lead(a thing outside-you take a long cord or something, get the stuff to attack it to a leash, and secure it to something.)  She somehow got free(she does that a lot) and ran with Molly(they are friends) around the cove.  They went behind a neighbors house, and Mom saw this.  I went outside to get them.  When I got there, The neighbor’s dog, Sadie, was in some shrubbery, and Molly went home.  I called Sadie from about 6 feet away, and she actually came!  She is not trained to come when called, so this is great.  I took her back to the neighbor’s house and they took it from there.  They were happy that she came when called.