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Pointless Nonsense

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

Quotes from Monty Python and the Holy Grail:

Wik.   Also wik.  Also also wik.

Wierd song:

I know a song that get s on everybody’s nervesm everybody’s nerves, everbody’s nerves.  I know a song tha gets on everybody’s nerves, and this is how it goes! (repeat endlessle)

Random letters:


Random numbers:


Wierd picture:








Why I made this:
My day has been pretty boring, so I made this blog as a randomizer.


Wednesday, August 30th, 2006

I like cookies.  So I decided to blog about them.  My favorites are sugar cookies.  They are so YUMMY!  I also enjoy chocolate chip.  They are good too.  I love peanut butter cookies.  Especially when they have some sugar sprinkled ont op of them.  I actually can’t think of a single type of cookie I dislike!


Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

Today, when I woke up, my throat hurt. Unfortanately,I decided that because my throat hurt, I’d been thirsty a lot lately, and it sort of hurt my throat to cough, I had a cold. The problem here is, I didn’t really have a cold. I had made up my mind though, and from then until quite some time later in the dat I really believed that I had a cold(isn’t the power of the human mind amazing?) So all through the day, I didn’t talk much, and when I did, it was in a sort of hoarse voice. This afternoon, I was supposed to be picked up for a doctor’s appointment. I was so caught up in my “cold” that I forgot, though. I got on the bus, and ended up being called by Dad (yay cell phones!) asking where I was. I told him-he wasn’t the happiest person in the world-and so I went home on the bus, and when I got there they decided that I was going to group. Group is the doctor’s appointment I had to go to-it’s a group I go to a psychologist with.
Today, there were only three people-myself, the psychologist, and a kid named Forrest. Usually, we have more people. But today, since there were three, Forrest and I played pool while the psychologist (who, by the way, is called Dr. Kaufman) watched. I managed to keep the sick voice the whole time, but slipped up as I went out. Thus, I decided that I was not really sick, and so here I am, blogging about it.

Battlefield 2

Saturday, August 19th, 2006

One of the games I got for my birthday is called Battlefield 2:Modern Combat (no, it has nothing to do with Star Wars Battlefront!)  In it,yiu are either NATO forces or various other groups.  It’s hard, but REALLY fun!I found out that I am best as a sniper.  I’m also good in a tank, slightly less so in a Humvee, and I’m pretty good in a helicopter.  The game is great.  I wish I had a PS2 network adaptor so I could play it online!

Birthday Stuff

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

I had a birthday! As gifts, I got:A computer game called Civilization, a PS2 game called Battlefield 2:Modern Warfare, I got a cell phone, I got a REALLY nice wallet with $20 of Baskin Robbins gift cards in it, I got a copy of the Tenessee Driver’s Handbook, I got the same for motorcycles, I got to drive my grandparent’s car around a parking lot, I got some funny cards in the mail, I got a really nice set of headphones, and I got a cheesecake! The party was great. I loved it!

My Day…In BattleNet speak.

Monday, August 14th, 2006

2day i went 2 skool.  it was de 2nd day tho it was 1st ful day.  it was farly simpl  1st period = englis and im good at dat.  2nd period waz math.  i h8 math but teacher has gr8 method of techin.  3rd period is a room ful of comps so im hapy der :P .  4th period simpl 2 only 4 ppl + techrs + derz 3 comps an a gamecube.  wen i get hom parent mak me study 4 an our but den im free^^.

That was a description of my day in WebSpeak.


Saturday, August 5th, 2006

School starts soon.  I want more summer though! I WANT TO GO SWIMMING!  I was INTENDING to build something bog..not sure what though.  Eh..I’ll do it next summer.

Horse Show

Saturday, August 5th, 2006

I went to a horse show today.  I was tense in the car on the way there.  But then I got there, watched for a bit until it was my turn. and rode.  My horse’s name is Dandy.  I GOT THREE FIRST PLACE RIBBONS!!!!!!!!!! Usually, I get two first places and a second place.


Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006

My birthday is soon. So I am putting up a wishlist. I want:

A computer upgrade to a Pentium 4 Processor

A game of Axis & Allies with Dad

My scooter fixed

Starcraft: Ghost (if it’s out)



My relatives to visit

A driver’s license(I don’t know why-I have nowhere I really need to go..)

Dad to teach me how to program


Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006

STAR is a horse riding thing I go to.  I have gotten really good at it.  Today, I rode completely alone.  No one helping, no one to override what I say!  It was fun.. In addition, after I rode, while helping put the horse away, the horse apparently wanted in the stall!  It saw an open stall, and headed toward it-dragging a volunteer, the instructor, and me.  It was FUNNY!