Today, when I woke up, my throat hurt. Unfortanately,I decided that because my throat hurt, I’d been thirsty a lot lately, and it sort of hurt my throat to cough, I had a cold. The problem here is, I didn’t really have a cold. I had made up my mind though, and from then until quite some time later in the dat I really believed that I had a cold(isn’t the power of the human mind amazing?) So all through the day, I didn’t talk much, and when I did, it was in a sort of hoarse voice. This afternoon, I was supposed to be picked up for a doctor’s appointment. I was so caught up in my “cold” that I forgot, though. I got on the bus, and ended up being called by Dad (yay cell phones!) asking where I was. I told him-he wasn’t the happiest person in the world-and so I went home on the bus, and when I got there they decided that I was going to group. Group is the doctor’s appointment I had to go to-it’s a group I go to a psychologist with.
Today, there were only three people-myself, the psychologist, and a kid named Forrest. Usually, we have more people. But today, since there were three, Forrest and I played pool while the psychologist (who, by the way, is called Dr. Kaufman) watched. I managed to keep the sick voice the whole time, but slipped up as I went out. Thus, I decided that I was not really sick, and so here I am, blogging about it.

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