Today was an interesting day.  I woke up, ate breakfast then got got dressed, and STILL had time to play computer for 30 minutes.  So already, the day is strange.  Then, the bus was late.  This is not so strange, because that happens a lot lately.  On the bus, I played Nintendo DS.  I brought it today because it is Friday.  I bring it on Fridays.  When I got to school, we watched a movie in first period.  In second period, I did my work.  Second period is math.  I don’t like math, but it is easy.  At lunch, I had a burger.  It was very good.  In third period, I did my work as well.  Third period is easy as well.  In fourth period, the teacher let us have Free Friday.  Free Friday is simple:play computer, DS, gamecube, whatever!  On the bus,  there was a lot of traffic.  Because of traffic, I ended up getting home later then usual, but oh well.  It was a good day.

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