I got suspended.  Yesterday afternoon, at school, my friend Andy was playing with a stapler, and was apparently launching staples into the air.  I didn’t notice-I wasn’t paying attention.  The teacher’s aide and the two of us were the only ones in the room at the time.  I was playing with one of those nail-sculpture things that have a box, and it has a glass covering on it.  Between the box and the glass are nails with the ands cut off so that they are no longer sharp.  They are just long enought so that if pushed fully through the box to the glass, the part that a hammer would hit touches the glass and the cut-off ends are snug into the box.  If you extend the nails by flipping it, then you can make designs in it by pushing your hand onto the nails so that some of them go closer to the glass, while the others stay.  It’s sort of like sand, but it stays in the same shape until you flip it or push your hand into it or otherwise mess up the design.  Sometimes I take the one I have at home and brush it throught my hair.  I like the way it feels-the nails are dulled, so it doesnt hurt and they don’t cut.  I brushed it through the aide’s hair.  Apparently it got caught in a knot or something , but I didn’t notice and it gave the aide a migraine.  She stayed out of school today because of the headache and I got suspended for causing it.  I can understand the punishment, and I know it is fair, but I can’t help wishing I didn’t have it.  I wish I didn’t annoy her, so I wouldn’t be in trouble, and none of this would be a problem.

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