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Thursday, January 25th, 2007

I have foot warts.  My right foot started hurting a month or two ago.  At the time, it just hurt.  Within the past week or two, the wart appeared on the bottom of my right foot.  It is sore, and it is painful, and I want it to go away.  I am going to he pediatrist today.

World of Warcraft

Monday, January 22nd, 2007

I got World of Warcraft for Christmas.  I was sick at the time, which was not pleasant-there was a stomach virus going around town, and I had it.  However, during the last day of the illness, I felt better, but was still contagious, so I read the instruction manual…repeatedly(nothing better to do!)  When I felt better, I couldn’t play for three days because we had to upgrade my computer.  My new processor is an AMD Athalon 64bit, and it works GREAT for all my gaming!  Now I can play World of Warcraft!!! YAAAYYY!!!!!!!!!!!     Note:The graphics look EXACTLY like the South Park WoW episode :P

Another note:The issue in SP WoW can’t happen, because the level cap is 70 and admins can suspend your account without even logging on.