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Neat music

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

Neat song-called Melodic Solace-made in Flash; I am eventually going to get flash so I can make things like it.

the hyperlink thing does not like me, so open a new window\tab and cut\paste the link in. It should be the first one, unless I messed up.

Edit:I fixed the hyperlink.


Sunday, May 20th, 2007

Today my brother had some friends over.  One of them wanted to use somethign of mine, and my brother gave him permission to use my things.  I was very annoyed, especially since I was 10 feet away and they could walk in and ask me.  Mom and Dad have different openions-they see no harm in it.  I am annoyed, though.  I know that it does no harm, but I do not want other people giving people I don’t know permission to use my things.  I wanted to tell Noah not to do taht again, but Mom and Dad said not to, and that I should share.  VERY annoyed.