Today my brother had some friends over.  One of them wanted to use somethign of mine, and my brother gave him permission to use my things.  I was very annoyed, especially since I was 10 feet away and they could walk in and ask me.  Mom and Dad have different openions-they see no harm in it.  I am annoyed, though.  I know that it does no harm, but I do not want other people giving people I don’t know permission to use my things.  I wanted to tell Noah not to do taht again, but Mom and Dad said not to, and that I should share.  VERY annoyed.

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  1. james Says:

    Hi Tommy

    I know it sucks when people borrow your stuff and yes it is really annoying and its even worse when they don’t ask you first but rather than tell him “not to do that again” how about asking him “please can you ask me first before borrowing my stuff”, if you get angry with him he’ll ignore you, but if your firm but polite about it, he might take the hint….its worth a shot and he makes you seem more of an adult to other people.

  2. Dean Says:

    You know if you make a big deal of it then he’ll know it bugs you and he’ll keep doing it just to but you, so I’d go with what James said…

  3. tommy Says:

    the problem is, I have asked him to ask before he uses my things. Almost every week, I have to ask him, “ask me before you use my things.” I honestly do not know what to do now. When I am polite, he sometiems will not even respond or make any implication that me heard me. Sometimes, I do lose my templer and yell at him, and he usually listens then..but I do not like yelling at him.

  4. james Says:

    but when you yell at him its like a victory for him, he’s made you mad, next time just remind him about asking then just walk away.

  5. tommy Says:

    I will try. Besides, like I said, I do not like yelling at him.

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