Went to see the movie “Sicko.”  Loved the movie.

Apparently Cuba has a better medical system then USA.  Don’t know what’s true and what’s not in the movie-maybe the guy had a good town to look around in.  He says that the health insurance companies don’t care what we have sickness-wise, until it costs them money.  Then they do all they can to either drop us, or say “treatment not needed” or things like that.  He says Cuba, Canada, London, and France all have socialized medicine, and that it is good quality, no fee, and all that.  Apparently an inhaler that costs $120.00 in the US costs the equivalent of 5 cents in Cuba.  I liked the movie, don’t like what I saw.  Also, in France, if you want then the government will apparently send a nanny 2 days a week, who will wash clothes, watch kids, and all that.  In London, you walk into a hospital with fingers cut off, they send you in, walk out next day with your fingers and they reimburse you for travel costs getting there.  In France, it is the same, but without the reimbursement.  Canada, still same, but again no reimbursement.  Apparently in America, you walk in with 2 fingers cut off, and if you have no health insurance, they give you a choice as to which fingers you get back and a price for them.

Watch the movie.  I recommend it.

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