Zombie hideout

The ideal place to hide from zombies has several requirements:

1: Food and water. With enough of this, you will be fine as long as requirement number 2 is met.

2: Height. Zombies cannot climb anything more then a ramp or stairs. Find a multistory building, get to a floor at least 12 feet off the ground. Then, destroy stairs, ramps, anything that will allow access to your hideout.

3: An extendable ladder, which will be pulled up into the safe haven when there is not somebody on it.

4: Make sure there are no other buildings or towers nearby a zombie could fall from to reach your safe zone. Make sure you are at least 5 feet away for every 10 feet higher any other buildings are then your haven.

5: Water faucets are NOT a safe water supply!! The water lines will probable be damaged. As soon as you secure your haven and dispose of and bodies, fill all tubs, sinks, every possible container with water.

6: Sturdy construction. Obviously, you do not want just a wooden board on some sticks.. At the very least, have something like the houses which have the flood stilts, that are designed to survive heavy floods. Ideally,find something such as an office building with a clear, open floor space. Make sure the supports are smooth, and can NOT be climbed!!! You will want 40-50 feet between your shelter’s floor and the ground if you are in an area with potential flooding-Zombies cannot float, but people may have been zombified with a life vest, or a zombie may be bloated the the point of floating.

7: Sound-dampening walls. The incessant moaning of zombies has potential to drive someone insane, you will need the walls, and earplugs will not be a bad idea either.

8: Escape plan. If things go wrong, make sure you have a backup plan. If you have access to one, then the armored cars that banks use to transport valuables are perfect. They have firing holes in the sides, and no zombie will get through them. The only danger is if it tips on its side.

I will continue as I develop more plans for survival.


13 Responses to “Zombie hideout”

  1. Dean Says:

    Good advice … I’ll have to file that under the “just in case” area of my brain. You never know.

    Check out this neat short movie on fish … Lantern Fish on Transbuddha

  2. Uncle Stinky Says:

    Happy birthday!

  3. Aunt Carmen Says:

    Hey, Tommy! I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Come see us sometime.

  4. Dankoozy Says:

    Don’t forget an Iridium satellite phone to call ghostbusters with with the shit hits the fan. i`m sure they do zombies also

  5. monkeyeddy Says:

    great stuff and if its real im safe with this information

  6. will godfrey Says:

    people call me crazy for my fear of zombies but they will be wrong when they attack.
    I would recamend goggling 5 Scientific Reasons the Zombie Apocalypse Could Actually Happen.

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