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Anti-zombie weapons-Ranged.

Sunday, October 14th, 2007

The ideal weapon to take out a zombie is not what you may think. When choosing a weapon, think of it as sort of economics:Ammunition spent per zombie+ammunition weight+weapon weight+terrain+weapon noise=the ideal weapon.

  1. Shotgun. The shotgun, despite Hollywood, is not the best weapon for a zombie infestation. The shotgun kills its target by destroying internal organs and form shock. This will not work on a zombie, as the only way to kill a zombie is to destroy the brain, and zombies feel no pain or shock. However, the shotgun may have limited use for its knockdown value-the scattering of the shot acts as a brick wall to advancing zombies. This may be a fairly good weapon to delay advancing zombies with, allowing you to escape.
  2. Rifle. The rifle is possibly one of the two best primary ranged weapons. It is pretty accurate if you know how to use it. Also, it can kill a zombie from a considerable distance, which is always a good thing. However, you should go for an older military bolt-action rifle, for the simple reason that they were designed in World War I, where knives, bayonets, and bludgeoning with the handle were considered essential. The noise it makes on discharge can be a problem, as the noise of killing one zombie may attract many, many more. Ammunition is easily acquired, as in the US, there are many armories you can get ammunition from.
  3. Pistol. The pistol may be one of the best choices available for a secondary weapon. It has accuracy at short to medium range. A silencer can be put on it. However, many smaller calibers cannot penetrate a zombie’s skull to kill it. It is easy to reload. The ammunition is not too bulky. The weapon itself is not overly difficult to carry either. It is also easy to draw in an emergency. However, most users cannot land a head shot from much more then 30-40 feet. However, never use this as your primary weapon.
  4. Crossbow. Another fairly good choice. It needs no silencer. Reloading, however, can be difficult. It is not easy to aim from a long distance. Ammunition, as well as the weapon itself, is bulky. Weight may be an issue.
  5. Bow and arrow. Not a good choice. While it has good range-200-300 feet is not uncommon-ammunition is bulky. The weapon itself is bulky. It is not common to find a skilled marksman with a bow anymore. Unless you can get considerable pull on it, which is not easy to do while maintaining accuracy, you are not likely to penetrate the zombie’s skull.
  6. Machine gun of any choice. Quite possibly the worst weapon you could choose. The weapon itself is definitely difficult to carry, no matter what type. Ammunition is a very large problem. Not only that, but the use of ammunition is extremely high. Accuracy is very low. Even on one that can go semi-automatic, most people will have an impulse to flip to full auto and just spray’n'pray. The loud noise will attract more zombies. The theory that you can level a large horde of zombies by firing at head hight will not work, because zombies come from people who are of many different heights.
  7. M1 Carbine or M1 Garand. These two deserve special mention. Both were designed to withstand one of the greatest conflicts in human history. Both excel at eliminating zombies. Ammunition is not too much of an issue. The weapons have impressive accuracy. They have a fairly spacious firing mechanism, making weapon jams uncommon. If you can resist the urge to go full automatic, maintain calmness, and keep zombies between 30 and 70 feet-eliminate those who enter this zone FIRST, no matter what your “instinct” tells you-then you can eliminate massive zombie hordes. Several people with an M1 of any type can hold off a massive amount of zombies, given enough ammunition. This weapon is improved even more by using it with a tower, or a mobile fortress for hunting zombies. Example:A bus. Get 20 people with this weapon, sit them at the windows, 8 to a side and the remainder at the ends, drive into a zombie infested zone, and proceed to eliminate them. If the spare space is full of ammunition, this tactic can clear large sections of a city quickly.


Sunday, October 14th, 2007

I spent the past few days selling Boy Scout popcorn.  The popcorn booths are fun.  It is a little annoying when people don’t even answer me, or say “no” without even letting me finish my sentence.  Sometimes, I see people go to the other door just to avoid me.  They will be heading toward the door I am at, see me, and go to the other door.  Still, I had fun mostly.  Sales went pretty good as well.