I just spent 5 days in a swamp.  It was great!  We went in, and spent the first night at an RV plugin campground with our tents.  Then, then next day, we canoed in and set up camp on the island.  The raccoons had to be chased away several times.  Later, We cooked dinner.  The mosquitoes were very bad…my arm has lots and lots of bites on it.  We went canoing the next day and saw several very large alligators.  Canoing against wind and current, I learned by experience, is very difficult.  We canoed a few miles upriver to Gary’s Island, and saw the Lee family graveyard, as in Robert E. Lee.  We mostly floated downriver form there.  We canoed daily, and had a great time.  On the way home, my Nintendo DS Lite ran out of battery, so i was a boring 14-hour ride home except when people were willing to listen to my iPod while I played their game boys.  It got better when I was able to move up front and watch the movie on the portable DVD player.  We had a great time.

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