Mountaintop Mining

Says that a bill that would limit mountaintop removal mining was halted. Mountaintop mining is where they cut the top off the mountain and take the ore. This is very destructive. The coal companies say it is worth the harm for the benefit we get.

I feel this needs to stop.

What do you feel?

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  1. Tamara Says:

    Of course it needs to stop! This argument was underway 35 years ago, when I was a teen.

    It’s so sad that in all those years, we didn’t expend more effort nationally to investigate creating energy with renewable resources, like sun and wind.

    I don’t know what’s happening recently with the price of coal, but if it’s rising at all as rapidly as prices for natural gas and other petroleum products, maybe angry consumers will finally “light a fire” under several of these industries to start thinking a little greener!

    To say nothing of the destruction and ugliness of this particular (mountaintop removal) technique…

  2. talidapali Says:

    I agree. Mountaintop removal destroys the land forever. It erases streams, it can cause poisoning of the water supplies for people living near the mine. It destroys the aesthetic beauty of the countryside and limits severely any hope of tourism dollars coming into the area after the mine is played out. It leaves a huge hole in the world where a mountain once stood. It took millions of years to form the Appalachian Mountains, it is sickening to know and see that they can be destroyed in just a few short months.

  3. R. Neal Says:

    Tommy, you are correct. Mountaintop removal mining needs to stop. It is harmful to the environment and the surrounding communities for a variety of reasons. You can learn more about it here:

    But there is a larger issue, which is America’s dependence on coal for electrical power. You should visit TVA’s website and see how much of our electricity comes from coal.

    Burning coal is arguably (that’s a qualifier, meaning it’s weak writing and something you should verify for yourself) one of the most harmful and destuctive ways to generate electricity. Not only does burning coal produce massive amounts of greenhouse gasses which are believed (another qualifier) to contribute to global warning, it’s a major source of air pollution, especially in the South.

    If we are going to use the coal, better ways of utilizing it are needed. But better alternatives to coal, such as solar and other renewable energy sources should be our goal. Then we wouldn’t have to blow the tops off mountains or send people down into dangerous coal mines and pollute our environment.

  4. James Says:

    Mountaintop mining is only a part of the bigger issue, as a planet we are running out of natural resources, coal, oil, gas, yet, the fat cat oil companies who buy the copyright’s for technology such as bio fuel, solar and other greener ways to make energy then they burry them away never to been seen then when the oil & coal does run out they’ll own the copyrights to the greener technology and will make a fortune on the profits, its all about money and screw the environment.

    In Spain they have wind farms on the coasts, one wind turbine can generate enough electricity for power 50,000 homes but was really annoys me is that they get perfect sunshine all day and they fail to utilities solar technology.

  5. Jay Says:

    We’re mining away our natural beauty. Additionally, we’re putting up cabins in every conceivable vacant wooded area. By the time the voters catch on, I hope it’s not too late.

  6. gonzone Says:

    You are, of course, correct.
    We must reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and stop this madness.
    We’re destroying our planet.
    For a great documentary check out KilowattOurs.
    It’s by a Nashville guy and covers the damage of mountaintop removal from a personal perspective.
    I think anyone would find it moving.

  7. Mandy Lou Says:

    You are absolutely correct – it definitely needs to stop. But until we really put our resources into new sources of fuel it will probably continue.

  8. Nicole Says:

    I don’t really think there are any good ways of mining, as far as damage to the earth is concerned.

  9. tommy Says:

    Tamara -
    Has it been going that long? wow..DOES need to stop.

    Talidapali -
    Agreed. Gone forever, and poisons streams. Makes it ugly, too.

    R. Neal –
    True, we ARE waay too dependent on coal. However, even wihtout the environmental issues, it is more profitable for them to begin switching now, rather then to suffer massive profit loss when there is NOTHING for energy and THEN they start switching, but without energy to assist them in making new facilities. Then what?

    James –
    Wow…are the turbines that efficient? Did not know that. We need more of them..

    Jay –
    I hope the realize it too. We don’t have long at this rate.

    Gonzone -
    Watched that one in Ecology class. Great vid, you are correct.

    Mandy Lou -
    You mean, it will continue until the coal companies see more profit elsewhere. Several companies buy up patents for efficient energy sources, so that they can continue to suck in the profits when coal is gone.

    Nicole -
    True, no GOOD ways to mine, but this? This is the worst.

  10. King Coal Says:


  11. Doug McCaughan Says:

    King Coal- I’d say everyone lost. Years from now I don’t think you’ll be rejoicing.

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