Switchgrass Biofuel


Says how UT and ORNL are working together to make a plant that converts switchgrass to biomass fuel. It is supposed to make it into cellulose ethanol. The article says that it will be ready in about 5 years, and will cost a few million more. The technology to make it more efficient is between 3 an d10 years down the road.

I feel that regardless of the cost, within a reasonably short order, it will be repaid, both in savings and positive impact on the environment.In addition, it is readily available, as switchgrass is easy to grow, and will grow even in fields where corn and other crops will not. In addition, farmers who choose to grow it can seed it with standard drill seeders, and can even reap it like hay. Cattle can feed on it as well, as it has a fairly high feed value to them, although poisonous to sheep, goats and horses if eaten in large amounts.

What do you think about it? Will it work?

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