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UT Environmental Ethics

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

This article says how UT is having a discussion involving global warming, the rising gasoline prices, and increased energy use, among other things. This IS a rising problem. The fact that they are having actual talks about it IS an improvement, though.


Sunday, April 6th, 2008

This article says that more people are taking buses because of rising gas prices, for the most part. Some people, though, take the bus because they like to sit back and enjoy the ride. The buses are a LOT more green, and they are cheaper, as well. Although the buses are not an option for many people, they are a lot better for the environment.

They would be feasible, if there were more buses, more routes, and they were more friendly toward family life-aka, pets, young kids, etc.

I am a culprit of this one, myself. My parents suggest I should get a bus pass, but, in addition to the inconvenience of the buses, I feel it is a sense of pride to have my own driver’s license. That, and buses smell bad.