DND version 4

My uncles got me DND version 4. I love it! The rules are very different, though.

Spells are no longer the vancian spell system. You can still memorize them, but its different. Some spells can be used once a day if you memorize it, some once per fight if you memorize it, and otehrs at will memorized or not, but at 80% power if not memorized.

There is a solid difference between sword, mace, and axe fighters…they have different abilities available.

No more fireball spell :(

New races…Dragonborn and Tiefling, and no more gnomes.

There are fewer “save or die” spells.

Dragons are a LOT tougher.

You can do more with your turn.

Bards, barbarians, and monks are gone.

Warlock class!!!

New rules for disenchanting and enchanting magic items.

I love it!

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