Welcome to my personal complaint box. All who don’t care, either don’t read or don’t complain.

Amy walked in a few minutes ago with a can full of little plastic toy soldiers, dumped them on my bed, and walked out. I asked her to come back and clean them up, but she said Evan(the 2 year old) would clean them up and went to her room and closed the door. I walked back there to ask her to come clean up the mess, but Sarah kept saying “It doesn’t matter get out of my room it doesn’t matter get out get out.” Normally by this point I would have just done it myself, but I just don’t feel like putting up with the crap from Amy today. So I walk over to Dad, get his attention, and try to explain so I can ask his advice. I explain how Amy dumped it on my bed, then went back to her room, but Dad just puts the headphones in before I can say how Sarah kicked me out, effectively saying “I don’t care.” Amy at this point walks out to watch TV. I sit in my room and sulk for a few minutes then try asking her to get them. She sends Evan to get them and bring them to her. I tell Evan “No, if she wants them she can get them herself.” I tell Evan again to leave them, and she says “Evan, just bring me the soldiers because Tommy is being mean and rude.” A few minutes later I ask her not to tell Evan that I am mean and rude, and dad walks out and tells me to step away and stop talking. I went to my room to complain on blog. That is the last of it so far…the soldiers are currently on my bed where she dumped them.

So she makes a mess. Then she refuses to clean it up. Sarah screams at me for coming in to ask Amy to clean up her mess, and YES i knocked on the door and Sarah said “Come in.” I ask dad for advice, but he just assumes I’m asking him to deal with it and ignores me. Amy then tells Evan that I am mean and rude, which I do NOT appreciate. I ask her not to tell him that, and Dad tells me to back off.

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