I’m at college now. Having a great time! The internet just came up today-Monday, so I had to blog. The school has a paintball club. The guns and masks are actually owned by the school. We go play in the woods behind the gym. The food is excellent. I got my mailbox today. So now Mom can send me candy. I have a Student ID. I have my dorm all set up. My roommate has not showed as of noon Monday. The campus is great. Love college!

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  1. Nanny and Pop Says:

    Tommy, We are very proud of you. You are at a wonderful college. Hope you are making new friends and are settling in to your new schedule. Good luck with getting up in the AM and with all of your classes.
    Nanny and Pop

  2. Dixie Says:

    Hi Tommy. Just reading your blog. You remind me of my son! I hope you are enjoying your college experience and you are inspired to learn as much as you can!

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