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A new game

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

My first blog in quite some time, I know. Here’s hoping I post more often.

So world of warcraft patch day is today, which means hours of downtime while I download and install new patch. I may as well throw some stuff out there while I wait.

I got a new game the other game. Psi Ops:The Mindgate Conspiracy. I got it for the ps2, but it is also free to download for PC and it is also available for the Xbox

Very fun game. You start off as Nick Scryer, a special forces soldier who worked for a program called Mindgate, until they wiped your memory to get you past probes and into a “movement”.

Turns out you are a Psi user. Basically, you have various psionic abilities. The ability you first unlock is Telekinesis. The game uses the Havok 2 physics engine, so telekinesis,, referred to as “TK” in ‘the game, is extremely potent. You can pick up objects and move them around, obviously. But you can also throw them at enemy soldiers, throw enemy soldiers at them, throw enemies off cliffs, slam them, into walls, slam them into each other, you name it. You can also “surf” by standing on an object and lifting it with telekinesis while on it, and get over pits or other things that way. You can also break things and then throw the pieces. You can also pick up an enemy soldier and hold them still while you shoot them with your gun.

You get pyrokinesis after that, referred to as PK. Simple, really, point at target and set it on fire. But you can also make fuses-set objects beside each other, light one, and it will ignite objects near it.

After a while, you get Mind Control. It is as the name suggests. As for game mechanics, it works like the puppet method. That is, you take direct control over them while your own body is vulnerable.

There are a few other things, but those are the really noteworthy ones. A fun game, and I highly recommend getting it if you get a chance.