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The following conversation took place at 7:00 AM

Monday, July 13th, 2009

It was between my right hand and my left hand, who will be referred to at “R” and “L” for simplicity’s sake.

R:Good morning, L.
L:Good morning to you too, R. How are you doing today?
R:Eh, pretty good. Could be better though.
L:Oh? What’s wrong?
R:I didn’t sleep very well last night.
L:You too? I couldn’t sleep much either.
R:Truth be told, I didn’t manage to fall asleep at all.
L:Yeah, same here. I pretty much lay there with eyes closed until it got bright outside.
R:I suppose that’s when you got up.
L:Yep. Got out of bed about 6:30, and fed my human some cereal.
R:YOUR human? We share it, remember?
L:Oh. Right.
R:And I helped with the cereal, remember?
L:Of course.
R:And after the cereal, we gotta go help the human type up something called a “blog post”.
L:What’s a “blog post”?
R:It’s what the humans call that thing where they type up random stuff and post it on something called the “internet”.
R:Yeah. Sounds like some kind of net the humans use to attach each other.
L:That’s stupid.
R:I know. It must be invisible or something too, because I never see anything.
L:Not like the other invisible things you see.
R:Actually, the doctor says that with my new medicine those other invisible things should go away soon.
L:That’s good. But anyway, is that what they call typing up stories? “Blog posting?”
R:Yeah. They thought up a name for it.
L:Never really got the point of those. All they seem to do is make me tired.
L:I bet ya he makes us type this conversation.
R:HAHA! He wouldn’t be THAT stupid, would he?
R:…L, do you really think he would do that?
L:…I think he might.
R:I hate my life.
L:Let’s just hope he doesn’t decide to go do yard work.
R:I know. I hate those things…what did he call them…
L:Oh, we’re at the keyboard now.
R:OH! What do ya know.
R:He wants us to type our conversation.
L:Stupid human…