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Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

I am the only person in my house who LIKES having spiders all over his room. I am also the person with the room you would MOST expect to have flies and mosquitos everywhere, flies because of the mess and mosquitos because of a poorly sealed wall to the outside. And yet, while every other room in the house is full of flies and mosquitos, my room has NONE. The reason? I don’t get rid of my spiders. I even NAME some of my spiders. I like my spiders, because they are the reason I have seen only 1 fly in my room, and no mosquitos.

So why is it that people dislike having spiders in their rooms? The spiders don’t bite, and humans move around so much that spiders have no reason nor desire to crawl on us. Spiders almost never do any harm, and they do us so much good by eating the bugs that annoy and bite us. And yet people dislike them. I cannot understand this. Why hate them, when they do all good and no harm? Is a little creepy-crawliness not worth having no mosquitos? The are spiders are not even obvious. They hang out on corners, or in dark places where hey do not disturb us and we do not disturb them. The only reason we should bother a spider, is if he is in a big, obvious web that might draw attention or be walked into, and even then we really only need to move the spider to a less obvious location with a news paper or some such, and simply remove the big, obvious web.

Why get rid of the things that do so much for us? What IS it that makes people want spiders gone so much?